Spotlight: Joe P.

"I entered Cornell University right after high school. It was very challenging and honestly I was not ready for the level of work that was required of me. I was a straight-A student in high school where success can be based on repeating information provided. At Cornell, the focus was not on the ability to remember the material but to use the knowledge in creative ways. I decided to return home and make a fresh start. I enrolled at DCC, and my time spent there helped me to improve on my analytical skills and to focus on the application and understanding of the material I learned. In fall 2011 I will return to Cornell and will once again take on the challenge with a stronger focus.

DCC felt like the right choice for me because of the resources provided by the college. After hearing about the activities happening as a part of DCC's Student Government Association, and the assistance offered through DCC's Career Counseling and Student Services, I was very impressed. DCC is a place with numerous resources that can assist a student's development regardless of their academic pursuits.

The DCC faculty and staff encouraged students to ask questions and to challenge themselves. Every professor that I encountered there taught not only the material but universal skills such as time management and good study habits. The faculty emphasized the fact that they are not only there to give you a grade but to help you develop as a student and an individual. I have had very close relationships with a few professors who I stay in contact with and have established friendships that will last a long time.

DCC opened doors to remarkable opportunities.

Before heading to Cornell in the fall, I was selected for an internship at Harvard Medical School to perform research in Biomedical Informatics, a field that studies complex human diseases, and ways to diagnose and treat them."

– Joe P., alum