Spotlight: Jasmin V.

"As a senior in high school, I procrastinated during every step of the college application process. I was just not ready for the four-year experience. Going to an unfamiliar place hours away from home made me uncomfortable, and the thought of my parents spending five figures on my education didn't sit well with me either. My guidance counselor suggested Dutchess Community College, and the more I thought about it and collected information about DCC, the more I began to realize that Dutchess is where I belong.

Since I graduated last year, I've looked back upon how much I've grown while attending DCC. Being the president of student government, especially, has transformed me from being insecure to confident and "ready for anything." Having the opportunity to be a part of a student group here boosted my already high regard for DCC. Overall, the resources available to me - and every student here - were the bricks that I used to build my own path to success. I am deeply thankful that I decided to start my college journey here. I left a much better-rounded student than when I first arrived, and without the mountain of debt."

– Jasmin V., alum