Spotlight: David B.

"As valedictorian of my high school, I had several options when choosing a college. I decided to attend Dutchess Community College and have found it to be invaluable as an educational institution - it encourages students to evaluate their course of study, and offers different opportunities that allow for a change in direction. I recall my first year at Dutchess when I concentrated my efforts on music theory, a curriculum I had not pursued before. As the semester continued, I discovered that a music career was not suitable for me. However, my exploration had by no means ended, for in my next year, I dove into social studies--anthropology, history, and politics. I now realize what I wish to study: a joint major in Philosophy and Political Theory, an option I think has the potential for lifetime learning.

As I begin to register that I have, in fact, graduated from DCC, I cannot help but recall all of the positive aspects of my time at Dutchess Community College, including, but not limited to, a multitude of wise and compassionate instructors; an opportunity to explore my interests, both inside and outside the classroom; a flexibility regarding my class schedule; and importantly, an education that is both engaging and affordable.

These are memories of just one person, experiences of a single student at DCC. Some students may have had more fulfilling college careers, some less so. Ultimately, however, all rests within the hands of the individual student: You get what you put in. And trust me; you can get a lot out of Dutchess Community College if you try."

– David B., alum